The filmmakers

Allison Victoria-Wolfe

Writer of The Last Kiss, Allison is known for her trademark overbite and signature smile. Allison was the winner of Season 15 of Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” and won $25,000.Allison married Justin Wolfe in 2012 and together they have four children: Charlotte, Maximus, Tiberius, and Goldie.

Jessica Shulz

The co-writer and co-producer of the Last Kiss and we need to know more about her.

Kurk Kasparian

The Director of The Last Kiss is currently writing his bio.

Peymaneh Rothstein

Executive Producer

Peymaneh Mokhtar Rothstein is a film producer with a vision of creating extraordinary, social-conscious films with a message. Through her production company, Leap4wrd LLC, of which she is the CEO, she does exactly that.

Ms. Rothstein grew up in Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. There she witnessed immeasurable destruction caused by bombings in her hometown and as close as her own street. It was through her survival in these dangerous times that Ms. Rothstein developed her steadfast belief that “life is a precious gift.” This belief continues to touch everything in which Ms. Rothstein is involved.

Aside from her filmmaking ventures, Ms. Rothstein founded Precious Time Centers in July of 2001, which provides on-site childcare facilities at corporations across the country.

As a professional woman and mother of two young daughters, she understands first-hand the challenges of finding the balance between work and family. Ms. Rothstein strives daily to serve humanity through fostering strong family bonds and enriching the lives of her own children, and children everywhere. A results-oriented person with great determination, Ms. Rothstein sets ambitious goals and achieves remarkable results, and not just for herself, for the benefit of all those whose life she touches.

Hunter Gulan

Cinematographer of the Last Kiss

James Hatcher Jr

Sound recordist and on set production sound.